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If you are looking for a highly trained, Board Certified and experienced pediatric dentist in Southbury, you have come to the right place! At our practice, your child will receive the highest quality dental care in the most comfortable environment we can provide. Our dental office uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology, and we uphold the strictest sterilization techniques for the safety of our patients.

We also understand that many children may feel anxious about coming to the dentist, so it is our goal to make your child’s visit with us as pain and anxiety free as possible. We view it as our mission to educate our patients and their parents about all of their oral health care options, and to help guide them to choose a treatment plan that is most suitable and appropriate for each child’s needs.

Scheduling Appointments

To make an appointment, simply call us at: (203) 264-1497

Emergency Visits

Our schedule may have to be delayed in order to accommodate a patient who is injured. We sincerely apologize in advance should an emergency occur during your child’s appointment. Please understand we will do the same if your child is ever in need of emergency care.

Insurance and Payment

Payment for our services is due at the time dental treatment is provided, including co-payments or deductibles. It is your duty as the patient to be aware of what coverage is provided by your insurance company. We accept cash, personal checks, debit cards and most major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). The option to pay online has been added for the benefit of ease of payment for our patients.

We participate with:

  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Husky Plan

If your insurance was not one of those listed above, please know we will submit the claim for you to your company, but YOU are responsible for whatever portion your insurance does not pay.

You should familiarize yourself with your dental coverage, as we will collect from you the estimated amount your insurance is not expected to pay. By law, your insurance company is required to pay each claim within 90 days of receipt. We file all insurance electronically, so your insurance company will receive each claim within days of the treatment. You are responsible for any balance on your account after your insurance company has paid.

***If you are in dispute with your insurance over any charges, we will be more than happy to discuss with you your options for payment.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that while we file dental insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients, we do not have a contract with your insurance company. Your employer and insurance company dictate the coverage received based on the plan they choose for your company.

We are not responsible for how your insurance company handles its claims, nor for which benefits they pay on a claim. We can only assist you in estimating your portion of the cost of treatment. At no time can we guarantee what your insurance will or will not do with each claim. We also cannot be responsible for any errors in filing your insurance. Once again, we file claims as a courtesy to you.

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding your coverage, please contact our Financial Office at (203)264-1497, ext. 302.

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