Welcome to Our Office!

We want both you AND your child to have peace of mind when coming to Pediatric Dental Associates of Southbury for their dental visits. Our primary goal is to create a lasting patient/doctor relationship that generates confidence in your child’s dentist and a passion for a beautiful smile as your children grow into adults.

We realize that every child is his/her own unique individual, with needs that may differ in leaps and bounds from other children. The doctors and staff at Pediatric Dental put our hearts into making our patients not only happy to return for their visits, but ecstatically excited. Not a day goes by that we do not hear from parents, “My daughter has been looking forward to this appointment! She’s been asking for months when she could finally come back.”, or “My son couldn't sleep last night because he was so excited to come here today!”. 

We take compliments such as those with the utmost gratitude and humility, knowing that our hard work is greatly appreciated by our patients and their families.  We may have a state-of-the-art practice, and we may stay updated on current technology to give the best possible care to our patients, but our love of children and our passion for our profession are the driving forces behind our wonderful successes all of these years.


Thank you for choosing us to become your dental family, and we hope to have many fantastic years to help your children grow from happy little patients to happy big ones.


“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love…a gift to that person…a beautiful thing.”
Mother Teresa